Modern Man - Covers 1965


  • Modern Man January 1965
    Virginia Slay (cover and inside) photographed by Ron Vogel, Jane Mansfield, Mamie Van Doren, Julie Newmar (not nude), Timi Shaw photographed by L. Willinger, Wendy Alexander, photos by Ethelyn Samuelson and Russell Gay.
  • Modern Man February 1965
    Cindy Carter (cover and inside) photographed by Ron Vogel, Jean Harlow (article and photos, seductively posed, none nude), Raquel Welch, Donica D'Hondt, Patricia Thomas, Astrid Schultz, Sandra Grant (previously named not nude), Della Ames photographed by Bill Hamilton, Collettte Berne photographed by George Gowland, Lynn Marlowe photographed by Tom Kelly, Yvonne Holden photographed by Sam Wu, Jane Dolenger, photos by Kurt Reichert.
  • Modern Man March 1965
    Jaqulin Renee (cover and inside), Sophie Hardy photographed by Art Messick, Mona Winther photographed by Bill Hamilton, Nadejda photographed by Ron Vogel, photos by Ethelyn Samuelson and Eva Grant.
  • Modern Man May 1965
    Ursula Andress (not nude), Jayne Mansfield (not nude), Tina Wood, Bev Frankel, photos by Peter Gowland, Ethelyn Samuelson, Ron Vogel, Clarence Wyatt, William Rotsler and Russell Gay.
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  • Modern Man June 1965
  • Modern Man July 1965
    Marilyn Blake (cover and inside), Carroll Baker, Mitsouko, Penny Stratton photographed by Ed Alexander, Mikki Griffin, Stella Stevens (interview and revealing photos).
  • Modern Man August 1965
    Caryn Stevens (cover and inside), Virna Lisi (article and photos (seductive, not nude), Judy Keen photograped by Max Miller, Gloria Graves photographed by Ron Vogel, Hazel Taylor photographed by Ed Alexander, photos by Bill Hamilton, Sam Wu, Eva Grant and Clarence Wyatt.
  • Modern Man September 1965
    Lisa Bodin, Leslie Cole photographed by Ed Alexander, June Palmer photographed by J.C. Robson, Kelly Kaye, Lilli Shanphotos by Virgil Buzz, George Gowland and Ron Vogel.
  • Modern Man October 1965
    Denien Novak (cover and inside), Sandy Krowfort photographed Ron Vogel, Iris Bristol photographed by George Gowland, Cleo Simmons, Goldie Locks photos by Anthony DiMarco and Peter Gowland.
  • Modern Man November 1965
    Marla Mitchell (cover and inside), Sybil Burton and the Wild Ones (article and photos, not nude), Christiane Schmidtmer (article and photos, some very revealing), Lori Shea, Gina Lance, Yvonne Meyers photographed by A. Spears, Crhisty Leigh, photos by Irv Carsten, Peter Gowland and Ron Vogel.
  • Modern Man December 1965
    Leigh Connor (cover and inside), Howard Hawks (article and photos, Jane Russell, John Barrymore, Rita Hayworth, Joan Leslie, Joanne Dru, Lauren Bacall, Angie Dickinson, Laura Devon, Charlene Holt and Marianna Hill, none nude), Brandy Woods, Linne Cole, Yvonne Meyers photographed by A. Spears, Yvette Meyneau photographed by Bill Hamilton, photos by Ethelyn Samuelson.